“Are We All Animals Tour” Kicks Off in March 2014

Are We All Animals Tour

McMillan’s Brand New LP Borderland Available March 4

John Mark McMillan has announced the dates to his upcoming “Are We All Animals Tour” this spring, which kicks off March 29 in Orlando, FL. McMillan will be promoting his fourth album, Borderland, which will be available March 4 (Lionhawk Records).
Additionally, singer/songwriter Brady Toops will open shows at select dates in the southeast. “Are We All Animals Tour” dates are listed below and more dates are being added at press time. An updated list of tour dates will be available at johnmarkmcmillan.com/tour.

Are We All Animals Tour dates*:
03/29 – Orlando, FL
04/02 – Tallahassee, FL
04/03 – Pensacola, FL
04/04 – Monroe, GA
04/05 – Rainbow City, AL
04/08 – Nashville, TN
04/10 – Knoxville, TN
05/07 – Richmond, VA
05/08 – Vienna, VA
05/09 – Manheim, PA
05/10 – New York City, NY
*More dates to be added. All tour dates subject to change.

“Borderland speaks to the idea of the ‘place between places,’” says McMillan, “which is where I feel I’ve been living as a person, as an artist, and as a believer for a couple of years. While few things describe the Christian experience more than the ‘place between places,’ it is also a concept everyone can relate to. We all walk lines between work and family, love and responsibility, art and commerce, passion and business and so on. Many of these songs are my commentary from a life between the crevices and on the verge.”

“Future / Past” Now Available on iTunes

Acclaimed singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan has just released his first single, “Future / Past” from his upcoming independent release, Borderland, at iTunes. John Mark’s fourth studio album will release on March 4, 2014. Just hours after releasing, “Future / Past” jumped to No. 2 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel Song chart. Click here to purchase this single.

Supporting today’s single release, John Mark’s live performance music video for the song is also exclusively debuting at RELEVANT TV.  Click here to watch.

John Mark McMillan on Kickstarter

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In this stage of our journey, we have found ourselves in a unique position. We are momentarily not tied down to a specific record company. We’ve tossed around countless options looking ahead, but none seem as exciting as the possibility of doing this album with the people that we exist to serve. Instead of borrowing money from a corporation to fund this next project, we think it would be far more exciting if you guys would be our record label!

The people who take our music into their homes and churches are not simply “fans.” You are people we’ve shared our lives with, and you have given us permission to step into yours. It’s this ongoing relationship that inspires us to return the studio. With your help, we have 30 days to raise the necessary funds for pre-production, our producer, studio time, additional instruments & artists, mixing, mastering, printing, artwork, etc. Anything we’re able to bring in over $40k will allow us to record more songs/music and will be used for promotion & playing shows to support what we believe will be the best album we’ve put out to date!

Music, by nature, is communal. The only true difference between simple contextualized sound and “music” may be the fact that “music” is comprised of sounds we intend to share with other people. It’s this human element that draws us to the sounds we call music. Both the songwriter and the listener are looking for a sympathetic heart. (“Sympathetic,” by the way, is originally a musical term.) We both want to know that someone else in the world feels the way we feel about… well, anything. These sounds let us know that we are not alone.

Please join together with us and our community by becoming our record label and allowing us to bring you the songs that I’m most excited about. We will give you a front row seat on how things are progressing through the process and we promise to work hard to make you proud. Help us fund this next album together!